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Flights For Hope Fundraiser

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We are huge pet lovers and supporting this amazing group is something we are so proud of. Flights For Hope helps fly dogs, and sometimes cats to the safety of rescue. Have a read about their amazing story below. 


We are offering stainless steel tumblers for each of their 3 logos below. $5 from every purchase will be donated to this amazing group. 


"Change Their Story"


Most rescue dogs come with a story, one that is often left untold. Sometimes the scars, the behaviors can only make us guess the path their paws have traveled. Their world can change when you decide to adopt. YOU can help 'change their story'. Inspired by my own dog Mash, the 'Change Their Story' logo shares a special message. Mash's mom Millie was saved from Northern Manitoba with a belly full of puppies (thanks to our partners K9 Advocates Manitoba). Flights For Hope sponsored her transport fees to Ontario, into the care of Oshawa Animal Services. In foster care she got the medical, good nutritious food, warmth, and love she would not have got, if not saved. 6 healthy puppies were born in August 2021. All thrived and found amazing new homes. Mash landed his paws with us. He doesn't have to ever know hunger. He will never have to fend for himself. He will never have to find shelter from the cold. He will always have good food, a home, and a warm bed with us. I think about the possibilities of this sweet, gentle, and loving little puppy having to struggle to survive. We have the power to Change Their story. Adopt a rescue. If you cannot adopt, support your local rescues and their mission to change the life of a dog. Our mission is to help save those dogs I refer to as 'Canada's Forgotten Dogs'. They are in the far north. Out of sight. But they are there, waiting to be saved. Together, we can help our rescue partners to save them. One flight at a time.

Pick from the 3 attached logos 

Available in white, black or team tumblers. 

$37 each with $5 being donated to this cause. 


This is an amazing fundraiser. 

Together, we can CHANGE THEIR STORY




Shipping Canada wide if option has been choosen.

Turnaround time is 4-6 weeks on average. 

Once shipped, we will provide the Canada Post tracking number. 

Return policy

Refunds are not offered.

At the time of ordering we will confirm your dimensions and stain colour. Once we start production of your item, we can not make any changes. Please be sure you measurements are correct and take the time you need to choose your stain. 

Please be sure to check the spelling on the mock up. Once approved we can not make changes after the fact. 

Do not leave signs outside unprotected from the elements as over time it will take its toll on your piece. Place under a covered area and apply clear coat to keep it protected.